Harnessing plant power with Sunwink

Research, Brand Strategy, Voice & Tone, Art Direction, Content Strategy and Production, Animation, User Experience Design, Copywriting, Web Design, Development

Healthy from the ground to the sky.

Sunwink is on a mission to connect people to the power of plants. Female-led, they create clean, plant-powered products to boost human health and our connection to the earth, while disrupting the wellness industry with a realistic, ethical approach to ingredients and claims.

We partnered up to help expand their brand, and create a website that reflected it – an ethereal, skybound experience that celebrates plants as a source of energy, best symbolized by that little sparkly “wink” sprinkled throughout the art direction.

In approaching UX, we focused on conversion and driving subscription, while keeping the site immersive and engaging.

Throughout the site, flavor took center stage with a sensorial art direction that made the product look delicious. On PDPs, we wrote romantic flavor profiles to complement the imagery.