Reshaping Pet Care for Today

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Crafting a community of care

Raising a pet takes a village. In an industry where the veterinary experience too often falls short, Petfolk is here to make things better for everyone: pets, their parents, and vets alike.

As Petfolk's holistic creative and strategic partner, we worked together to build a modern and joyful world that defies the veterinary care status quo.

Founded and led by vets, Petfolk understands what it takes to provide world-class veterinary care.

We brought their unique expertise to life across all aspects of the brand, while retaining the total bliss that comes with caring for a pet.

We developed a name that speaks to what makes Petfolk special: their nurturing care community.

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you’re Petfolk — vets included! Compassionate, empathetic, and trustworthy, you’ve found your community.

Gone are the days of waiting-room-gray. We supported interior design efforts to extend the Petfolk brand system into all physical spaces for an immersive care experience.

Our work included window decals, vehicle wraps, interior applications, and experiential moments to ensure that Petfolk spaces are always welcoming and recognizable.

As the brand world hub, we partnered with PR and paid media agencies to strategically define creative impact through OOH, print mailers, digital ads, online videos, and more.

A playful campaign announced Petfolk's launch, built awareness, and drove traffic to new locations.

Managing Petfolk’s social media at launch, we extended the brand system to reflect Petfolk’s caring ethos across all channels.

Using our branding work as a key component in their pitch, Petfolk closed a $40M Series A funding round with the support of numerous celebrity backers.

To support their growth in the long term, we delivered a comprehensive brand guide in Figma. This allowed for a highly-interactive guide that’s capable of scaling with ease.