Power Play: Launching Juvee

Strategy, Brand Refinement, Art Direction, 3D, Copywriting, Design, UX, Development

From esports to ecomm.

Juvee is the brainchild of 100 Thieves, the premier lifestyle brand and gaming organization. As pro gamers themselves, they wanted to move beyond the performance obsession saturating the energy drink market. So, they created a rejuvenation drink – one meant for kicking back, having fun, and doing the things you love. Loaded with functional benefits, Juvee is the anti-hustle, anti-hypermasculine rejuvenation drink we all need.

Armed with a fantastic product, Juvee tapped Zero to help realize their vision of play.

Our task was to expand on their brand world, and give life to that feeling of rejuvenation through a bouncy, bubbly site full of playful moments.

Say it with Juveemojis.

Rejuvenation: it’s a mood. We personified each of Juvee’s functional benefits through a suite of custom 3D emojis, giving us a unique way of talking about them. A disco ball, a flaming heart, a lava lamp, a bullseye, toylike in their rendering, added a youthful, playful pizzazz most other energy drinks lack.

A bubbly new world.

Expanding on the digital language we established on web, we brought it IRL to our content studio and brand executions. For launch, we created and captured fantastical worlds for the product to live in, and continue to evolve the brand’s assets as the Juvee story unfolds.

To make it official, 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot hosted a special Juvee launch event on his Twitch channel.
We got a lot of Ws in the chat.