We Helped Health-Ade Follow Their Gut

Strategy, Design, UX, UI, Development, Copywriting, Content Art Direction, 3D Design & Motion Design

Health-Ade brews the best-tasting, highest quality kombucha around. They came to us to expand their audience and own the D2C kombucha market, and we gave them a refreshed brand and digital makeover.

We streamlined the whole shopping experience top to bottom, with nifty tricks like shopping from product cards.

And since the gut loves a kombucha routine, we made Health-Ade extremely subscribable. Gut flora for the win.

Yes Health-Ade tastes amazing, but its health benefits are the real story here.

So, we put a priority on gut health throughout the site. We were able to break down a complex subject and made it digestible and fun, highlighting the probiotic power of Health-Ade in relation to the gut ecosystem as a whole.

Health-Ade kombucha is literally alive. We made sure its brand was too. We expanded on their art direction through bubbly 3D renders, additional sets of characters illustrations, and effervescent motion.