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History in the Mac'ing

Nothing says fun like mac and cheese. But as a category, it hasn’t changed much over the years. Together with Goodles, we set out to disrupt it by tapping into a nostalgia-drenched aesthetic smothered in cheese to appeal to all the inner kids out there.

Goodles came to us with a radical brand idea: bringing a healthier mac and cheese to the masses.

Our role was to refine, evolve, and build on their brand, and give it the launch it deserved.

The results were delicious.

For each Goodles flavor profile, we crafted a playful “gooder” world marked by unique fantastical scenarios to immerse every hungry visitor.


Working with our in-house 3D designers, we created assets that brought a cartoonish, hyperreal feeling to the Goodles world. Then we auctioned it all off on the site: everything from noodles to a dune buggy.

We designed the eCommerce platform to follow our brand strategy of being fun, vibrant, and educational. All while making it super simple to understand product benefits and place orders.


Our goal was to tell an immersive brand story while keeping flavor and product education front and center. Using bold floods of color, 3D renderings, striking product photography, and moments of suprise and deilight, we let the mac shine.

This performance-first site combines Chord’s headless e-commerce suite with Gatsby to statically generate (for Gooder load times) a unique experience and good vibes at scale.

We combined Chord with Contentful to allow unique content types worthy of a one-way ticket to Flavor Town. Leveraging the UI component library, Theme UI, we could repurpose the themeable API and give each product page a color scheme as tasty as its flavor.


Central to the brand story are the nutritional benefits and deliciousness in every Goodles bite. So, we devised fun and digestible ways to communicate these aspects of the product. Namely, by building a slot machine to display nutritional equivalences.

Original brand & packaging concepts: