Spoiled Child

Welcome to capsule culture

Art Direction, Branding, Digital Strategy, UX, Visual Design

A Fresh Take on Anti-Aging.

The brand is a breath of fresh air in typically minimalistic beauty space. Its personality is confident and tongue-and-cheek, maximalist in its impact but still simple. 

So what did we do?

We helped bring the Spoiled Child brand to life, working with them early on, and collaboratively, to define the creative direction and design a memorable and performant digital infrastructure. 

Product categories and product detail pages brought you into a colorful capsule driven world that was supported by influencer content and a quiz to aid in decision making.


Everyone’s needs and skin are different, therefor personalization is key. The main e-commerce flow is centered around asking the Spoiled Brain AI for suggestions. We helped bring the Brain to life and delight users along the way.

Real people. Real results. The site’s content strategy puts community first, showcasing UGC as the means to demo product usage and efficacy.