The Difference is Night & Day: Launching Twice.

Strategy, Design, Development, UI/UX, Print, Packaging, Brandbook

35% of people don’t brush twice a day. Pretty gnarly, we know.

We partnered with Twice to reimagine the ritual of brushing your teeth with a wellness approach by introducing Early Bird and Twilight, two toothpastes formulated specifically for morning and night. 

The day and night theme informed all of our strategy & brought the product experience to life on the screen and IRL.


Most people buy toothpaste out of necessity, not desire. We worked with Twice to establish an emotional connection to the product.


“Toothpaste, but make it fashion.” We took inspiration from lookbook aesthetics and the beauty & wellness space.

The art direction and strategy established on web was leveraged on social and through the packaging to create a seamless brand experience.