Not Pot

Chill Out. It's Not Pot. Launching Your Favorite D2C CBD Brand.

Brand Strategy, Voice & Tone, Copywriting, Content Strategy, Illustration, Animation, UX, Design & Development

It's Not Pot. It's Self-Care.

Welcome to the world of Not Pot. Spoiler alert: it's Chill AF.

We played with language and imagery associated with CBD's trickster twin THC to showcase key product benefits and educate in an engaging, light-hearted tone.

The brand strategy (💯chill, inclusive, & engaged) mapped to all touchpoints, creating a brand system that feels like the product: a daily hug for your endocannabinoid system.

It's Not Pot. But it's all good. Not Pot donates a portion of sales to The Bail Project, tackling the troubled history and inequities of the cannabis space head-on. 👏👏👏