Launching the skincare brand on a mission of empathy and self-discovery

Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Voice & Tone, Copywriting, UX, Design, Development, Art Direction, Content Creation

It's a ritual, not a regimen.

We partnered with Plenaire to bring their dreamy, cerebral skincare line to life and encourage positive conversations around health and beauty.

The Plenaire brand world is sensorial, free-spirited, and encourages self-reflection. Our holistic approach brings these values to life, and feels like a breath of fresh air.

It's a mood.

Our art direction and content approach evokes and celebrates the mercurial nature of self-discovery. Every aspect of the brand encourages the user to be themselves - even when they're constantly evolving.

Our brand voice feels unexpectedly poetic and personal. Each line of copy is a glimpse into the inner life of the Plenaire persona. The narrative arc of the site is non-linear and multi-dimensional, like the user.