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With changing traditions come changing values. And nowhere else are those values more charged than in the purchase of a diamond.
Rêvelation is here to usher in the future of lab-grown diamonds through an era-defining fusion of science and beauty.

Inspired by their radical approach to jewelry production and the french word for dream, we developed a name that reflects Rêvelation’s commitment to revolutionizing everything we know about diamonds.

Carbon-neutral, ethically produced, and chemically identical to their mined counterparts, Rêvelation is nothing short of, well, a revelation.


Rêvelation’s branding evokes the delicate interplay between light and shadow. The hallmark of a diamond, and representative of the spectrum of experiences in its lifetime of wear.

Expressive typography is inspired by the sharp and definitive cut of a diamond, beautifully contrasting the organic softness and brilliance of light throughout the brand.

We created a modern website that is both beautiful and highly functional. Designed to represent Rêvelation’s superior product and the values of a new, younger diamond purchaser, without excluding the B2B audience.