Stepping it up with Kizik.

Strategy, Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, UX, Visual Design, 3D, Illustration, Development

Sparking a footwear revolution

Starting from a basic premise – that tying shoes is a hassle, and a better alternative is possible – Kizik developed the technology to create a hands-free shoe that you can easily step into. After a Kickstarter campaign and a licensing deal with Nike, Kizik has built a cult following among hands-free devotees.

With a terrific product on their hands, Kizik turned to Zero to refine their brand strategy and visual identity, build a flexible and scalable site, and position themselves as a big-tent brand.

We conducted over a dozen in-depth interviews with existing and new customers, giving us special insight into their needs and reactions to the product and brand.

The joy of hands-free.

Compiling the data and insight from the interviews guided our brand strategy process.

A near constant with the sheer joy of the product, echoed universally. Balancing that with the inherent inclusivity of not needing to tie your shoes, and suffused with a humorous sensibility, we arrived at a brand premised on sparking joy in the everyday.

This informed art direction, copywriting and messaging, site design, and every other element of the Kizik experience.

Real life, or 3d?

Using 3D scanning technology, our in-house 3D wizards created lifelike models of each of the SKUs, without the need for traditional studio photography.

The result was a clean, streamlined browsing experience featuring photorealistic models for the entire range of Kizik footwear colorways.

For the kids’ product line, we developed a special subrand that dialed up the fun with expressive type, brighter colors, and a healthy dose of immaturity.

So many skus, so little time.

With 100s of SKUs to filter, sort, and display, we made the Kizik site remarkably easy to navigate and speedy to load. Not to mention fun. There was plenty of that too.

We also leaned on UGC to create shoppable moments. With an avid built-in fanbase, there was no shortage of real-life testimony to help spread the Kizik love.