Brand Refinement, UX, Design, Development

686 is on the forefront of developing outerwear apparel for people to go everywhere and do anything. Born out of skateboarding culture, they’ve continuously innovated and set new benchmarks for what technical gear can do, keeping their active community front and center.

Zero linked up with 686 to implement their refreshed brand into the digital realm, all through the lens of “reimagine performance.”

Our aim was to create a flagship experience online, keeping it welcoming, aspirational, and story-driven.

To evoke the flagship experience, we found ways to editorialize the product and account for seasonal drops between snow and apparel categories.


We overhauled the site’s navigation system to be far simpler and more intuitive.

With so many variants across size, color, technology, fit, and type, we introduced a dynamic filtering system so users can easily find exactly what they want.

All while keeping it all scalable to account for new products and content.

Key to the site was balancing lifestyle content alongside product performance.
We introduced intuitive and simple ways to communicate technical aspects across lines, like size guides, technologies, and more.

At the end of the day, we built the site for 686’s vibrant community of adventurers.

We never lost sight of the humanity and authenticity that’s always been core to the brand.