Thirsty for more: redesigning poppi

Brand Refinement, Content, UX, Design, 3D, Development

Poppi’s back, and bigger
than ever.

Poppi is a prebiotic soda that’s big on flavor and fun – but at this point, you probably already know that. Since our first work with them in 2020, Poppi has taken the nation by storm, popping up in what feels like every bodega, corner store, and big-box retailer in the US. 

For our second engagement, we’ve redesigned and rebuilt their website from the ground up, reimagining the traditional
e-commerce experience for a brand that’s growing
faster than ever.

A trailblazing brand deserves an equally unique web experience, so we created a site like no other: a digital tapestry of colorful UGC and video, that’s laser-fast and feels perfectly at home for Gen Z.

The most vibrant thing about Poppi is their passionate community, so we redesigned the online experience with the fans in mind. 

Our new site is a natural extension of the social media platforms Poppi fans know and love – equally equipped for conversion and community engagement.

3D brings it all together with fresh renders that really pop. We recreated both the US and Canadian product lines so that when you’re browsing online, what you see is what you get.

We’re always excited to work with repeat clients, and Poppi’s continued success is a joy to see. The pop don’t stop!