OH SNAP! Pickling Co.

Pickles, perfected: Refreshing OH SNAP!

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OH SNAP! produces bite-sized pickles in convenient grab-and-go pouches with no excess brine for a fresh spin on a beloved classic.

We refreshed their brand to highlight the wonderful absurdity of eating pickles, helping them to become one of the fastest-growing brands on Instacart in the process 🎉

Capitalizing on that momentum, we developed a paid media strategy to drive awareness and increase conversion at this pivotal moment for the brand.

The eyes eat first, so we produced colorful scenes to match the playful product personas and crisp macro photography to emphasize the high-quality ingredients. Plus, we introduced 3D packaging renders for a little extra flavor.

“Oh snap, that was easy!” was what we wanted users to say when visiting OH SNAP!’s new site.

We designed it to be straightforward, allowing our vibrant art direction to take center stage and giving visitors a direct purchasing path through Instacart.

And the fans are loving it. So much so that OH SNAP! ranked in the top fifty on Instacart’s inaugural Fastest-Growing Emerging Brands list 🏆

Since the relaunch, we’ve managed all aspects of OH SNAP!’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. We’ve conceived and executed all content while standardizing community management for a fresh social presence with all the flavor and fun of eating a pickle.

To maximize the impact of our work together, we launched a paid media campaign driving a significant 2.9MM+ impressions, 767K+ engagements, 15K+ link clicks, 6k+ landing page views, and 750K video views in just the first two weeks.

We’re continuing our relationship with OH SNAP! to support the brand for many more exciting projects to come. Power to the pickle!