Design, UX, Development, 3D, Strategy, Copy Writing


Sometime in the mid-90s, Guayakí embarked on an epic journey to spread the culture and positive vibes of yerba mate across the world. Today, they’re the biggest name in the category, backed by an army of embacebadores (brand ambassadors) and devotees.

When they came to us, they’d just underwent a brand refresh, and their website needed some zhushing up to reflect the new changes. Together, we became fellow travelers on the mate journey.

Our role was to bring their new brand refinement into the digital space.

We created a cohesive brand voice and visual language that was equally true to brand and well-suited to web.

Using best-in-class UX practices, we created simple and straightforward user journeys to direct users to the right places.

Overall, we reduced redundancy across the site, streamlining and restructuring it so
in-depth information could be tucked away, but always readily available.

For both returning and new customers, we created a balanced user experience that accommodated all levels of familiarity with yerba mate.

With content like the Mate Matchmaker and Yerba Mate 101, we prioritized education for those who seek it, without it being overbearing.

Overall, we built the site to capture the feeling of entering a gourd circle—the traditional yerba mate social ritual.

That meant emphasizing community, creating a welcoming experience, and weaving in an inviting, simpatico tone of voice.


Taking cues from the brand’s mantra, “come to life,” we took every opportunity to inject the web experience with immersive storytelling moments that really did come to life.

Employing a suite of 3D product rotation animations and interactive video modules, the site reflects the vibrancy we all love and know yerba mate for.