Strategy, Positioning, Branding, Design, UX, UI, Development, Voice & Tone, Copywriting, Branded Music, Illustration, D2C & Retail Packaging Design, Photography & Content Art Direction

Enjjoy is the first D2C CBD brand that cuts out the middle people, bringing the most potent and affordable product on the market straight to your cannabinoid system.

We built the brand from strategy all the way to launch, creating an accessibly fun world with a wacky cast of characters including our mascot Roy G. Biv (more on that later...) and a branded mixtape
✨ 🎶 ✨

We designed the vibrant gradient packaging to pop on screen and on the shelf, with every element fine-tuned to make the user feel good.

The day to night versatility of the product is a primary brand value, so we created a dynamic site theme that displays a time specific image depending on when the user accesses the site 🌚 🌞

We recorded a mix tape y’all.

What started as a "what if..." became a fresh way to answer FAQs and educate the people on the power of the plant without getting too heavy handed.

Adweek called it, "surprisingly listenable" 😂

We also created robust educational pages for folks to learn about the full cannabinoid crew, but always filtered through the brand's lighthearted lens.

Our mascot, Roy, is a constant throughout the site: showing up to personify the moods and guide the user through the experience.