Striking the perfect balance with Lokai

Design, UX, Development, Strategy, Copywriting

Balancing the highs and lows

Lokai produces bracelets containing natural materials from the highest and lowest points on Earth – Mount Everest and the Dead Sea, respectively – encouraging balance and consistency through the highs and lows of life.

We refreshed Lokai’s website to be both beautiful and efficient. We adjusted and implemented their new brand for the web, while streamlining the back end to give Lokai freedom and flexibility in their continued growth.

Across the site, we explored the idea of balance through the tension between visual extremes; light and dark, round and sharp, big and small. 

We refined Lokai’s typographic system with the same considerations, making it more cohesive and a better reflection of their brand in the digital space.

Smooth from top to bottom, our mobile-first approach and quick shop function ensure mobile browsing is fast, fluid, and a joy to use.

A site that’s difficult to manage is a site that’s out of balance.

We produced flexible modules to serve as the site’s foundation, furthering the brand story on the front end and streamlining content management on the back end.

Totally modular, Simply magnificent

Each site module is highly customizable, giving Lokai the power to adapt pages to their changing needs — all without falling out of alignment with our established style guide.

Plus, our modular approach supported speed in our initial development and ensures efficient management in perpetuity. Whether it’s announcing new products, highlighting new initiatives, or just time for a new look, content management is a breeze.

Find your balance

We built Lokai’s navigation and product organization with the same focus on beauty and flexibility given to the rest of the site.

The resulting system encourages product discovery through dedicated category highlights and unique treatment for monthly product features. All while being easy to navigate and filter, and scalable to accommodate Lokai’s expansive product offering.

Lokai’s Balance Club offers members special discounts, exclusive products, and the opportunity to donate a percentage of their purchases to their chosen charity.

Our convenient membership dashboard allows users to see subscription details, edit their chosen cause, and update their next delivery, all from one centralized location.

Experience membership in perfect harmony

We used high-traffic areas on the site — such as the navigation, homepage, PDPs, and cart — to promote membership benefits and sign-up incentives, keeping the information present without disrupting site flow.

Our efforts paid off, as Lokai has seen a steady increase in membership since the site’s launch.