Crap Eyewear

Don't Worry, Be Crappy

Brand Refinement, UX, Design, Development

Crap Eyewear is the maker of funky, bio-acetate sunglasses without the heavy markup. All of their products are designed and tested beachside in Los Angeles, CA, by a close-knit family of surfers, skaters, musicians, and artists.

Together, we refined their brand identity and created an all-new custom web experience to better embrace their roots in LA counterculture.

Inspired by the punk culture of the late ’70s, we updated Crap’s brand system to bring a bit of controlled chaos into their existing story. It’s bold, typographic, and celebrates Crap’s core DIY ethos and audience.

Our strategy for the site was to “show more, say less” (and “sell a sh*t ton of product” along the way).

So, we built a Shopify Plus site capable of scaling as quickly as Crap does while letting their beautiful products shine.

Crap’s audience are digital natives who’d rather spend time at the beach than online shopping. We approached their site with this in mind, making it mobile-focused and immersive so browsing is a breeze.

Across the site, we balanced lifestyle and product imagery for a captivating lookbook feel — making Crap’s expansive product line accessible by allowing their community to speak for themselves.

The final site is a visual feast that’s conversion-focused, community-driven, and 100% crappy.