Expanding the Candy Universe with SmartSweets.

Strategy, Design, UX, UI, Development, Art Direction, Photography, and 3D


SmartSweets is a pioneer of the low sugar candy category. For candy lovers trying to kick sugar, never has there been such a crave-satisfying alternative in all the varieties we know and love.

We partnered up to help express their fun, fruity, and friendly brand to its fullest potential. Deploying our sweetest art direction and tech yet, we helped reestablish SmartSweets as the rightful leaders of the space.


We made sure SmartSweets was a fun, fruity web experience for everyone. Keeping accessibility top of mind, we strategized for ADA (AA) compliance while sticking true to the brand.

When it came to art direction, we defined a simplified color system that ensured proper color contrast for all text sizes and graphic elements.

We chose fonts with easy readability, and accompanied any symbols with explanatory text.

As for motion, we followed ADA guidelines with regards to animation length and controllability.

Simulating a trip to the candy store, we built a fully custom mini cart we call “build-a-box.” Users can mix and match their favorite candies and delight in a fun, interactive experience, while we handle the complex logic on our end.


Because SmartSweets serves both the US and Canada, we had to build not one, but two sites. Each had completely different product pages, 20 different templates, and other local nuances. We built both flawlessly, future-proof, scalable, and all on one code base.

Translating our art direction to the web, we devised efficient, fast-performing ways to display floating 3D candy that display perfectly on all devices and won’t clash with text.

With SmartSweets, all roads lead to delicious. We accounted for all the different paths to purchase, and made sure people found a way to their treats whether it’s on Amazon, Instacart, or in-store.

We believe content powers brand experience. To bring the SmartSweets world to life, we produced a variety of ultra-tangy 3D renders, and a suite of lifestyle content shot and styled in fun and fruity fashion.