Launching the wellness brand for city dogs and their humans.

Research, Brand Strategy, Voice & Tone, Copywriting, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Content Strategy & Production, Packaging Design, UX, Web Design, Animation

They're your favorite person, so feed them like it.

Navigating city life with a four legged companion is tough. We set out to create a holistic dog wellness brand that inspires confidence.

Sharing your NYC apartment with a dog can be...hectic. We created a brand that embraces the chaos and seamlessly fits into our audience's lifestyle.

Raw, made easy. Our engaging educational content on the benefits of feeding your dog a raw food diet map to the user's primary health goals.

Wellness is ~ a journey~ and we're in it together. Maev is building a community of city dog owners, while highlighting the canine-human bond.

Hello, this is Doge.

Most dog brands speak to suburbanites, and lean into a cutesy vibe. Our editorial approach elevates & differentiates Maev in the market, succeeding in creating a dog brand that feels like no other.