This dropout is ready for prime time

Brand Refinement, UX, Design, Development

Branding the next wave of streaming comedy

Born from the ashes of CollegeHumor, Dropout proudly makes niche content for a niche audience, with shows like Dimension 20, Dungeons and Drag Queens and Game Changer.

As a newcomer to the world of streaming comedy, we first linked up to audit their digital ecosystem — everything from eComm to their landing pages. From there, a beautiful partnership flourished, and we helped build out their design system, technical backend, and helped let their personality shine.

When it came to branding, we leaned chaotic good—designing the whole experience to be as Dropout as Dropout can be, including but not limited to: typography, logo refinement, illustration treatment, and extremely on-voice copywriting.

We created a custom, user-friendly, headless tech stack to unify all the domains within a singular platform, easily managed by Dropout’s nimble team structure.

We also took the iconic Dropout look to Microsoft Outlook, with a series of template designs within HubSpot flexing a playful set of imagery to bring some fun and chaos to their primary comms channel.