Remedy Place

Launching LA's First Social Wellness Club.

Strategy, Positioning, Design, UX, UI, Development, Voice & Tone, Copywriting, Illustration, Environmental Signage, Photography & Content Art Direction.

Building a social wellness brand at the intersection of science and soul.

Dr. Jonathan Leary came to us with the dream of bringing holistic wellness education and balance to a wider audience with the launch of LA's landmark social wellness club, Remedy Place.

To break through the saturated wellness market and build a third space where introspection and community thrives, we developed a brand identity with a distinctly philosophical bent.

In the year leading up to launch, we worked closely with their architectural team to define the interior aesthetic and create cohesion between the brand and the physical space.

We created glyph-inspired iconography and custom menu language steeped in mysticism to communicate their unique services and Philosophy of Balance.

In the months leading up to launch, we created large-scale temporary messaging and signage alongside the permanent marquee logo to inspire intrigue.

And we created a custom membership and e-commerce booking flow to encourage membership pre-launch.

Our ongoing partnership includes activation experiences and support as Remedy Place expands to new locations in LA and NYC.