Multiply By Zero: Revamping A PR Powerhouse

Discovery & Strategy, UX, 3D Art Direction & Content Creation, Web Design, Copywriting, Development

A PR agency moving at the speed of culture.

Multiply is an NYC-based integrated PR and social media agency that knows how to make an impression. As a veteran of the beverage space and proven cultural splashmaker, Multiply has a killer portfolio of campaign work conceived and executed by an uber talented team.

The only issue was, a lot of their work was hidden behind a dated website lost in a sea of agency sameness. That’s when Zero came in.

Our role was to build a site experience that best shows off their talent and work, and a content strategy representative of an agency moving at the speed of culture.

Taking centerstage for the site were the 17 case studies of Multiply’s past work.

We brought each of them to life through cohesive and playful 3D art direction to demonstrate their innovation and creativity.

Not only that, we flexed our editorial chops with clever, attention-grabbing headlines and body copy that reflected both Multiply’s irreverent personality and their proven ability to get results.

All within a simple, flexible and modular layout that can highlight varying content for any given case study.

On the other side of the equation, Multiply boasts a number of analytical tools to show how well their creative performs.

We highlighted their trademarked data capabilities and made them easy to scan, digest, and understand.

But ultimately, this site is recruitment tool. A really beautiful recruitment tool at that.

By letting the work do the talking, and highlighting how great a place to work it is, they’re multiplying like never before.