Charting the way forward with Canvas.

Research, Brand Strategy, Voice & Tone, Art Direction, Content Strategy and Production, User Experience Design, Copywriting, Web Design, Development

Branding the first human-centered EMR designed for clinicians and their care teams.

It's a tough time to be an independent clinician, in large part because of ineffective and cumbersome technology. Canvas puts humanity back into healthcare with an EMR that's a medical tool, not a clerical burden.

We dove headfirst into the fraught world of EMRs and created a brand world that articulates the hope, fresh start, and humanity that Canvas provides as an alternative.

Our warm, tactile illustration style communicates product features and benefits, while visually uniting the art and science of medicine.

Write your patient's story on Canvas.

Canvas' breakthrough Narrative Charting allows the user to intuitively write medical notes as the patient encounter unfolds without unnecessary distractions. The importance of human connection and bedside manner informed our entire strategy and illustration style.

It's your life's work, but it's also your life.

Our art direction and content approach shows a day in the life of Canvas' forward thinking partners. Candid, documentary style photography highlights clinician-patient interactions and moments of reflective solitude for a personal and introspective feel.

We extended the visual identity to the product itself, giving structure to the UI for quick comprehension, and ensuring accessibility.