For Real Heads Only

Strategy, Design, Naming, Copywriting, Content Creation, Art Direction, Packaging, 3D Design & Motion Design

We embarked on a new venture by partnering with the founders of Dosist and Sunday Goods to create a family of cannabis brands.

Beginning in the Arizona market, and under the umbrella Studio Cannabis Collective, we developed five persona brands to meet the market where it’s at. From the cannabis curious, to the connoisseur.

We launched with Melted, a “stoner” brand for the cannabis enthusiast; folks that use the plant daily and love getting high.

Our strategy led us to express the brand in a simple way; black and white. Pivoting from common tropes in the space to position Melted as a brand with ethos.

We created two categories within the product line; Melted and Tiger Style. Using a sense of danger as the hook, we positioned Tiger Style as an “untameable high,” with features like custom hardware, and super potent extracts.

The tone of voice for Melted is heady and nonconforming.

Questioning the very fabric of reality by speaking freely about the effect of cannabis on mind, body, and soul.