Forti Goods

A new high in furniture design.

Research, Brand Strategy, Voice & Tone, Copywriting, Product Naming, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Website Theme Design & Development, Animation

Weed makes you happy. The way you store it should too.

A true one-of-a-kind, Forti Goods makes beautiful, handcrafted and sustainable furniture to facilitate responsible cannabis use within the home. Together, we created a brand that represents a new wave of cannabis confidence, welcoming responsible weed aficionados to live their truth.

We built a brand that conveys the beautiful craftsmanship of the product while smashing stoner stereotypes. Our strategy reimagines cannabis acceptance as inclusive to adults, even when they (gasp!) have kids in the house.

Inspired by the fluid motion of opening and closing the furniture’s customizable and lockable storage drawers, the brand's visual identity reflects Forti’s promise to always keep the user in full control of their cannabis collection.

When it comes to cannabis, Forti never passes judgement. Our accepting voice and tone embodies a distinctive and light-hearted approach to life.

Our art direction celebrates the high-quality furniture as well as the unique homes of the modern Forti customer, encouraging mature cannabis lovers everywhere to bring their stash out of the shoebox and into the home.

We named each piece of furniture using powerful and traditional feminine names to salute a company with midwestern values, founded by strong women.