Launching the Fluffiest D2C Brand in the World.

Design, Development, Copywriting, Illustration, Animation, CGI

Meet Buffy. The only comforter made from literal clouds.

Shopping for a comforter is weirdly stressful. We started with this consumer pain point in mind and mapped out the Buffy site experience to be as comfy as the product itself.

The art direction & content strategy leverage bright lifestyle imagery, CGI to drive home key product benefits, fun & quirky copy, & the cutest damn animated illustrations ever to make their way into a browser.

Scroll-based CGI animations allowed the Buffy team to convey technical product details and benefits in a simple way that stayed true to the brandโ€™s whimsically comfy vibe.

The site aims to fully immerse the user in the fluffy world that is Buffy - while providing clear and simple paths to the two main purchase points: Try a Buffy or Buy a Buffy.