Chasing Paper

Building an experience that celebrates the magic of wallpaper.

Strategy, Voice and Tone, Copy, UX, Visual Design, Development

We could all use a little
change of scenery.

Enter: Chasing Paper's eclectic and design-forward collection of removable and traditional wallpaper, perfect for sprucing up any size space.

We built a site experience that gives the more independent user room to explore, while helping the less experienced user find just what they need.

Wallpaper is personal, so we built a digital experience that allows users to find their perfect paper by keying in on interactions such as filtering, sorting, and a visual navigation that pops.

Our visualizer tool allows users to select any print and see it come to life in one of 4 unique rooms. The slider interaction shows a real time before and after reveal of the transformation โœจ

Wallpaper changes everything, so we created a sample pack building experience for folks to see their favorite prints in their own space and live with them before making an interior design decision.ย 

Our approach to language mirrors the paper: imaginative, vibrant, and full of promise. Each line of copy suggests the transformative power of wallpaper, motivating users to create a space that reflects themselves.