PepsiCo Design + Innovation

Redesigning Pepsi’s Global Design Portfolio

Branding, Visual Design, UX, Development, Strategy, Copywriting


Most know PepsiCo as the global CPG giant they are. But, along the way, they've also become a leader in the design world as PepsiCo Design + Innovation.

To showcase all the amazing work they've put out, PepsiCo brought in Zero to make a portfolio site that's more than a portfolio site. We delivered a CMS, a new look and feel, and a web experience as cutting edge as their design.

Alongside PepsiCo’s internal team, we developed a uniquely bold and vibrant look and feel for D+I — one that could extend to other applications beyond the site, all while complementing their wide array of brands.

We created a digital platform for PepsiCo’s global design teams that showcased their work, culture, thought leadership, and design innovation.

A beautifully modular system.

When PepsiCo came to us, they needed not just a CMS content toolbox, but a full design and development workshop.
We delivered a robust content editing experience featuring a suite of creative tools. At once user-friendly and predictable from the back end, these tools really flex when it comes to front-end dazzle and excitement.

We introduced a timeline feature into their case studies to accommodate projects that stretch over multiple years.

“Zero's thoughtful and strategic design approach lent itself well to creating a dynamic, bold look and feel for PepsiCo Design + Innovation that represented our unique qualities and elevated us as a leader in the in-house design industry.”

- Sarah Wood, Senior Designer